Sunday, January 23, 2011


I felt a HUGE need to express how proud I am of my sister and my husband. Both are very strong, dedicated, passionate, and driven. It's amazing to see those qualities in them- to have such great role models.

My sister is unbelievable. Her dedication to her education as been relentless. She just took her comp- which is the big test for her PhD in Psychology- a three day test! So proud of you sister. No matter what the outcome!

Duke hasn't stopped studying since the semester started. He's preparing for his boards in May. He is putting everything aside so he can provide for us one day. There is not a day I don't appreciate it. 

I love my family. I am just so proud

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Friday night I came across a very disturbing, heartbreaking news article. 

It's about the women in Afghanistan, specifically the women who are imprisoned. A majority of these women are innocent, suffering because of a corrupt justice system. Their stories range from women trying to run away from their abusive husbands to women who are being punished for another man's crimes (usually a family member: Dad, husband, etc..) The worst part about these stories are that a lot of the women are mothers. Once these mothers are sentenced, the punishment not only falls on them but their children as well. 

PLEASE take a few minutes to watch this video to hear the stories of these strong/suffering women here: 

These women are innocent and are no different form you and me. Their children are innocent.

Redemption: There are nonprofits who are trying to make a difference for these women and children. On the website above you have an option to donate $25 to help pay for 10 students to have school supplies- or for a family to have milk for a month in jail. Not only that, but they will send you a free shirt reading, "Not Guilty." 

Please. When is the last time you have donated? 

Where have I been?

I cannot believe it has been a month since I have updated my blog...goes to show how crazy/busy/FAST life has been flying by. 

I think I left off right before Duke and I went to Pittsburgh. I have a new found love for seeing new things. Especially because I don't know if I'll ever have the chance again. So with that in mind- we spent a weekend in Pitts.
fun fact: on our way there Duke stopped to get gas- and he happened to take the exit to the outlet mall. it was heaven for me..Duke didn't quite think so haha

I had asked around to a few friends what we should to while we were there- and we heard a few great suggestions. The first was the Carnegie museum of natural history.. why not?
-I have to admit it was really great for the first 30 minutes while we were there but then all the dinosaurs started to blur together. haha guess we're not the touristy type.

Then we heard of something called the Mt. Washington Incline- It's supposed to have the best view of Pittsburgh. See for yourself:

Low of Pittsburgh: The roads were terrible- even the GPS couldn't save us. Duke actually got nervous driving-and if you know Duke that just never happens. I think we got honked at, yelled at, and had to turn around maybe 100 times.

To follow our week in Pittsburgh we went to to Toledo to spend Christmas with Duke's family. I hate how fast the the time goes by- There's so much to say about Christmas but really it was just fulfilling. It was nice to be surrounded by people who we love, and get to escape Erie for a week. It's always the hardest coming back though. We love everyone so much. It was also my 2nd Christmas being away from my family. I missed them so much- but that's the power of compromise: Thanksgiving with my family. Christmas with Dukes.

 New years hopes and memories to look forward to: 

1. Arizona trip in March- my best friend Kailyn is getting married!
2. Duke's last semester in school- thank GOD!
3. Giving up pizza. 
4. Celebrating our one year of marriage in July. 
5. Moving to our next adventure, our next city, Cleveland! 

So much more updating to do!! 
That's a good summation of our life for now.

Happy reading:)