Tuesday, November 16, 2010

22 things about 22

As I’m wrapping my 22nd year of life I thought I'd highlight the major moments of the year- some  beautiful and some difficult:

1.     I married my BEST friend
2.     I graduated college with a degree that was meant for me.
3.     I moved away from my entire family.
4.     I survived a year of long distance.
5.     Missed my dad for 2 whole years.
6.     Drove Across the country- ended up in Pennsylvania.
7.     Planned an entire wedding with my best friend Kim in 6 months.
8.     Went to Vegas with the greatest group of people.
9.     Celebrated my last year of being a Young Life leader.
10. Was a bridesmaid for my great friend Becky.
11. Went to Harry Potter land!
12. Learned how to cook (somewhat)
13. Went without a job for three months.
    14. Had an amazing honeymoon on Florida beaches.
15. Got in a car accident in December –kinda my fault but not really.
16. Started working for an amazing Foundation in Erie.
17. Gained an amazing mother-in-law, another sister, and my1st brother 
18. Was welcomed into a girls group that helped make Erie home.
19.  Drew closer to Mom- more than ever before.
20.  Lost Brutus- the worlds's most incredible dog. 
21.  Celebrated four and half months of marriage.
22.  Looking ahead to Thanksgiving in Arizona with my amazing family and friends!!

As I look back on 22- filled with so many highs and lows- I can only thank God for all the blessings he has given me- and how he continues to stretch and grow me. This year was a tough, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. I can only hope for health and happiness as I step into 23.

(I’m such a grandma now!!) 

Monday, November 1, 2010


The beauty of Fall:

Pumpkin picking:)

Pomegranates are a huge family favorite- normally we pick them right from the tree in the backyard- lay down blankets and eat them on the grass like crazy. You can never wear anything you're not willing to get messt because you WILL end up with red stain on you- that's just how it goes.
Since I missed that tradition this year- I decided to buy my own at Wegmans! I seeded them in the kitchen and got red stains on every wall :/ Oh well- gotta be willing to pay the price 
The view from worky on Friday- most beautiful.


Sorry Sarah stole this picture from you:)
This pictures wraps up Halloween weekend! Our friend Sarah threw a very fun partayyy- so Duke and I went as hippies!!