Saturday, July 9, 2011

One point for Cleveland!

The transition from Erie to Cleveland has been so easy and exciting; God has definitely blessed the journey. We have found ourselves in our new little home-renting, not owning (never know where we're really going to end up) but we're happy.

Life has dramatically changed ever since Duke completed his boards! We have been really enjoying the free time; being able to go on walks, start projects, FINISH projects, watch our favorite shows, travel on the weekends; just the simple things that play a big part in our life! Needless to say, I am loving the rotation schedule and am so happy to have my husband back (or for the first time- not sure which one)!

A huge burden that comes with moving is the starting all over part...  feeling scared on unfamiliar roads, leaving relationships, and worst of all, finding a new job. Ironically, CNN was doing a segment last night on how unemployment is on the rise again- hitting 9.2%. Scary. 

Last year I was so lucky to find a job in Erie, it took three months to find, but it was a great first "real" job. Therefore- it was not fun having to leave and venture into the world of and careerbuilder- very intimidating. Early into the job hunt this year I decided I did not want to mess around and I was going to try another professional staffing agency (something I used in Erie). 

Long story short..when I went to interview and talk about possible positions they could connect me with, I was offered a job with them! It wasn't a done deal at that point, but after 3 weeks of waiting, phone interviews, real interviews, and a lot of nerves, I was offered the job! My main role is going to be placing potential candidates in jobs that will suit them- I am very excited to be able to work with people everyday and help them find careers they would otherwise not be able to find! 

This opportunity is a huge blessing. I was expecting the worse, worried I would have to wait another three months! My first day will be the Monday I get back from Arizona/California- so I will try and enjoy this last bit of time off!

WOO HOO for new starts and one point for team Cleveland!! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My best friend..

Danni Marie Vicha. Soon to be Dannie Marie Barker. 

My best friend since high school. My closer friend through college. My sister in Christ for life.

I can think back to some of our memories and I will just start laughing: whether its making music videos together, taking the car out when we're not old enough, missing first period in HS because we were always late, Zumba dance class partners, our adventures in Cleveland, California, Mexico, or just all of the little late nights along the way. 

Whenever Danni and I are together she gives me a confidence to be myself. She has always been so comfortable in her own skin- regardless if she's standing in front of her biggest crush or her best friend, she is always the same person. My favorite thing about Danni is that she is open about her feelings in every situation; if I make her mad, if she's hurt, if she's disappointed- Danni will always be honest and is not afraid to be vulnerable. She knows how to make anyone laugh, and she has patience that goes on for miles. Needless to say, Nick Barker picked the most amazing future wife. 

We have encouraged each other through life, being together every step of the way, so here is to the new chapter of Danni plus Nick!! I know you two will have many of these adventures, laughs, unforgettable moments, plus a million more.
I pray you two will be eternally happy and I am so happy you have found each other:)