Monday, March 28, 2011


I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I last posted. I don't know what is happening to me. There is a persistent feeling telling me I should blog-next comes the pressure to be creative- then I find myself at a loss for words. Today I'm determined to update no matter how boring it may be!
First I would like to say- I can’t believe my time left in Erie is coming to an end. I can’t believe the snow has stopped falling and the roads are finally clear. I’m not nervous to drive anymore- a feeling most of us take for granted. With these changes also comes the end of our time here, in our cute little town home. Work received its “one month notice” and I even started collecting boxes.  Changes are approaching.

Things I’m excited about:
1.      Our beautiful new place in Mentor-thankfully the process of finding a new home was as effortless as it could have been.
2.      My 3 week trip to Arizona at the end of April- giving Duke 100% privacy as he approaches the final leg of his boards prep.
3.      Our new life in 2 months without med-school in the way. Free weekends and new memories.

Things I’m discovering:
1.      I have a weird habit of not being able to eat anything I cook!! Is this a disease? Even though it looks pretty good- and I’m the one who chose the recipe- I still am unable to eat it! Does this happen to anyone else??
2.      Duke’s first gray hair. He tried to cover and say it was blonde- but we both knew the truth! It makes me sad to see his stress with school coming out in different ways:(
3.      I am a stubborn reader. When I find an author I like- or a series- it is so hard for me to jump to someone else!  Any good suggestions?
4.      I love watermelons. I may have been the first person of the season to buy one at the store yesterday. Silly but it made me so happy to see them back!
5.      I apparently love making lists. 
Lastly my trip to Arizona was amazing- great friends-beautiful wedding! That post is coming!