Tuesday, November 16, 2010

22 things about 22

As I’m wrapping my 22nd year of life I thought I'd highlight the major moments of the year- some  beautiful and some difficult:

1.     I married my BEST friend
2.     I graduated college with a degree that was meant for me.
3.     I moved away from my entire family.
4.     I survived a year of long distance.
5.     Missed my dad for 2 whole years.
6.     Drove Across the country- ended up in Pennsylvania.
7.     Planned an entire wedding with my best friend Kim in 6 months.
8.     Went to Vegas with the greatest group of people.
9.     Celebrated my last year of being a Young Life leader.
10. Was a bridesmaid for my great friend Becky.
11. Went to Harry Potter land!
12. Learned how to cook (somewhat)
13. Went without a job for three months.
    14. Had an amazing honeymoon on Florida beaches.
15. Got in a car accident in December –kinda my fault but not really.
16. Started working for an amazing Foundation in Erie.
17. Gained an amazing mother-in-law, another sister, and my1st brother 
18. Was welcomed into a girls group that helped make Erie home.
19.  Drew closer to Mom- more than ever before.
20.  Lost Brutus- the worlds's most incredible dog. 
21.  Celebrated four and half months of marriage.
22.  Looking ahead to Thanksgiving in Arizona with my amazing family and friends!!

As I look back on 22- filled with so many highs and lows- I can only thank God for all the blessings he has given me- and how he continues to stretch and grow me. This year was a tough, beautiful, challenging, and rewarding. I can only hope for health and happiness as I step into 23.

(I’m such a grandma now!!) 


  1. Excited the girls group made your list! We are thankful and excited to have you in our group, I know you have been a blessing to me. Hope you have a great birthday week.

  2. Amazing list Rashin!
    #15 reminded me of that morning :(
    #2 reminded me of all of the great times we had in school together :)
    You aren't getting older, only wiser! Happy birthday!