Monday, December 6, 2010

Excuse me!

But is it really December??

That means Thanksgiving is done and we're moving towards Christmas. Which is a little sad because that means Arizona is in the past- and won't show it's face again until March- when one my best girlfriend's ties the knot- countdown pleasee!

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Seeing my Mom was like seeing an old best friend. So thankful that the distance has made us closer. It was also great because Duke's mom- my second mom- came to arizona to celebrate too- I love having the different dynamics under one roof!

When we returned home from the trip- I got the stomach flu. It's already hard transitioning from vacation to work as it is- but to get knocked down in the process is just not fair. 
Not mention that we had our first snow fall!! It was so beautiful until it wouldn't STOP snowing. I had to buy snow tires today: 500 dollars. That was not fun- I actually teared up a little bit when he said the total. That's the price I have to pay I guess for moving to the middle of no where. 

I'm looking forward to December and all it has to offer: sledding, our little Christmas tree, hot chocolate, a fireplace (which we don't have), Toledo, and Family.

It's going to be hard having another Christmas away from home. wish I could pack Nosh- mom- and lucy in a bag and ship them here-maybe one day!!
Speaking of my sis- she started a blog! You can read up on her crazy, fun, stylish, life here:

Last note: I called Duke crying today when my car got stuck in snow-and my windshield wipers were frozen- and I couldn't see the road.  It's just so fun driving in snow.

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