Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wow I aM bOrEd!!

            While you were at work today I was at home SOOO incredibly bored!! It reminded me that only months ago you were at home, jobless, friendless and lonely while I went to school all day and studied all night. Its only been 4 hours and I am going crazy! I am complaining, Im grumpy, lazy, smelly and I cant think of any thing to do. I cannot even imagine what is was like for 3 months. So Thank you Bubba for sticking it out those first few months. Thank you for not letting me know how horrible it must have been. Thank you for not being grumpy, not complaining, keeping up with your hygiene and loving me through it. You were/are patient, strong, ambitious, transparent, beautiful, selfless, and perfect! Thanks for supporting me in Erie and school and I am so proud that you gave it a long enough chance for God to go to work in your life through Erie. I love you and hurry up and GET HOME!!


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  1. This is a lesson I learned from having some time off too... so easy to think its easier on the other persons side... ;)