Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little love

Valentines day is very interesting. I guess so are all holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays in our house. It's difficult when you're other half has a life that is consumed by school.

It's hard not to get excited for V-day. Although I know it's a holiday created by Hallmark, I still love it. I love all the decorations, the candy, the cards, the flowers.

It was my mission to make Duke feel special this year. I made him a gigantic card and bought a giant Hershey kiss- in other words a perfect gift for me. I also hid a secret dessert in the back of my car so he couldn't find it.

This year was different because although the world was telling me to desire flowers and expensive chocolate, all I wanted was time. I wanted to spend time with my med school student husband. So I asked Duke to come to Yoga with me as my gift- and he said yes. (Yoga is my saving grace these days)

But when I came home- I walked into this:

It just made me so grateful. The letter was the best part- honest words. My favorite gift.
It's special that through it all- he still remembers.

Dinner ended up being heart shaped ham-potatoes-and vegetables. Our first date meal.

Don't mind our stripped plate

I still took Duke to Yoga and he actually did great- more flexible than I would have given him credit for:)

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