Monday, August 30, 2010

Out of the ordinERIE.

Many of you already know that Duke and I are no longer living in the beautiful desert known as Arizona, but have picked up and traveled to Erie, Pa for Duke's career as a med student!! 
Let me start by sharing some of the pros and cons of our new life in Erie:

- Regardless of location, we are finally together
- A beautiful summer season (not the 100+ degrees we're used to), and as far as I can tell a beautiful fall season
- Everyone is friendly- no matter where you go or what you do
- Not a big city- which means all you need is within a 2 mile radius!
- A pretty good church we're checking out (keep you posted on that)
- Skype dates with friends..which proves distance doesn't change a thing!

- The winter- which everyone comments on when they learn I'm from Arizona. I get it people.. I'm going to freeeeze!!
- The lack of my mom, sissy, and puppy. 
- The lack of our big community of friends who were practically family. 
- The lack of Tea Infusions, Del Taco, On The Border, and Peter Piper Pizza- not okay. 

Either way you look at it.. this is our special adventure. It is not ordinary, nor is it something everyone experiences, but we're a team, and we're going to make it. 

Can't wait to share more of life.
Happy Reading.

With love-

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  1. I love the blog Rashin and I love that on the things you miss is Tea Infusions.. should I send some boba teas in the mail? Love you!