Thursday, September 9, 2010

Once upon a summer..

As we are wrapping up summer, and heading into fall, I thought I would share the craziest/hardest most perfect summer Duke and I have experienced! Not only did we get married (duh), I graduated ASU, packed my life  in my car, and traveled across the country to set up shop in Erie!

To jump start the summer- I graduated ASU in May! Looking back, college was filled with life changing moments, some that have completely shaped who I am today! Not saying I had a perfect 4 years- but I definitely wouldn't change a thing!
                                      My Mommy and I after graduation:)

June: Packed my car- which is NOT big- with everything I love and left Arizona in the rear view mirror. Traveling through each state was something I never thought I would do- ever- but am so thankful that I can tell you what the middle of Nebraska looks like, or what a real Chicago pizza tastes like. We hit a few stumbling blocks along the way- but we made it to Erie in 4 days exactly! Here's some of the best memories:

This is my FAVORITE! Duke was trying to pass a car when he got clocked going 20+ over the speed limit..We got the ticket. And Duke's argument till this day is that the speed limit should have been 75 not 65. Sorry babe.. it doesn't always work like that!! Ps: look at that packed car:)

How beautiful is this!? Definitely one of our favorite places- if not the favorite! we wouldn't mind ending up there one of these days!


This was by the far the funnest place we stopped! We got to spend almost two days here- and the city was absolutely beautiful- not like Phoenix's downtown at all. We had amazing Chicago pizza- couldn't even get through one full slice (and I can usually chow down 3) that's what I call deep dish! I randomly ran into an old friend in the city- which just reminds me of how small the world really is- and lastly Duke and I got hustled by a shoe shiner- all in all not a bad stop! 

After the road trip we returned back to Arizona to say our vows and say goodbye one last time to the friends and family we love:


After the wedding we got the opportunity to spend 2 weeks in Fort Myers beach, Florida- the perfect get a way after a non-stop summer! 

Bound by Christ, forever in love, D+R <- That's whats engraved in his ring!
Apparently I decided to match the sky that night!

(I might further explain the wedding and the honeymoon in a future blog, but I think for now you get the point)

In conclusion (about time right?)- Summer 2010 has been a blessing like no other. Life has proven to be full of unexpected twist and turns- leaving home has not been easy- but learning to enjoy the life we're dealt is a new priority! 


  1. Oh my goodness, when Josh and I were in Chicago one spring while we were in college, he totally got hustled by a shoe shiner too! I'm so excited to have met you and look forward to getting to know you. Your blog looks great!

  2. Glad you are in Erie! You have the support of all of us girls who has learned to make Erie their home away from home. Its great getting to know you!

  3. regardless how cold you might be in the winter, and how ordinERIE Erie is, we are so glad to have you! Cant wait to do have a cooking/baking date with you :)

  4. Ahahaha! I laughed so hard reading this because I can hear you saying each thing. Especially the part where you "decided to match the sky that night". You gooz. Love you lots and I love reading yo blog! Doesn't mean we're not doing more Skype dates though. I love Skype!

  5. Thanks guys- your comments are so sweet:) So blessed to have found GG!

    Dan: Love you girl! Excited your reading my blog!