Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Drumroll Please..

And the winner is CLEVELAND!!

Okay let me explain.. and to do so I'm going to have to rewind.

Duke's 4 years of medical school look like this- 2 years classroom. 2 years rotations. 
For the first two years- Erie Pa is home. The next two years we have a hand in our destination. 

Possible future destinations included- New York, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Michigan, San Diego, and a few more. 
  Perfect choice- Arizona- but that obviously wasn't an option-
Our narrowed down wish list: S.D, Cleveland, and lastly- to stay in Erie. 

S.D was exciting to us because it was familiar- we love the beach- we have friends there- it was 5 hours from family- its a place we wouldn't mind permanently calling home. 
Cons: Moving our lives across America (again) would not be financially wise, and the cost of living would be a huge shock just coming from Erie, Pa. 

Cleveland-  We were also weirdly excited about Cleveland- its a bigger city than Erie- a great hospital system- and only an hour and a half away from our Toledo family.
Cons: There were only 13 available spots for Cleveland and there were roughly 70 people applying- therefore Cleveland was a lottery pick- which means everyone's name was thrown together and 13 people were chosen! So this became our first choice- based on odds alone. 

Erie- This was our last option- only because it was familiar and we are comfortable here. but I don't think our hearts truly wanted to stay.

Well after 2 weeks of submitting our choices and patiently waiting- we got the results back and we are headed to CLEVELAND next year! We always knew God had a plan for us, but it was nice to see that He made Cleve possible- we trust this is where we should be. 

Ultimately, I am going to miss everything that we have started building in Erie, our home and our friends.. but I am so excited to head closer to family and toward the finish line of this long journey! 

Well here's to Cleveland!

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  1. Thats Exciting! Congratulations! Bill and I have loved visiting new cities on our journey through Med School. Cleveland is a great city.....you will love it. Very happy for you