Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've wanted a job in Erie for over two months. Why has this been so hard? I'll try to explain from reasons I've learned: 
-It's a manufacturing town. 
-It's a small town who thinks 9$ an hour is the cats meow
-I'm prideful and don't think I should settle for the cats meow

I've been struggling over the last few months. I kept declaring to anyone who would listen that I just graduated college and deserved a "real" job, not these Erie jobs. And you know what? That has really come back to haunt me. And I'm actually thankful for it.
It's been 2 months now that I have been searching for a job- that means absolutely no money coming in- and a lot of money going out (bills, groceries, etc)

During the long wait, I asked God repeatedly what was I supposed to be learning through this? I waited, prayed, and waited some more (2 months to be exact). This wasn't easy- i started getting anxious and feeling that I wasn't good enough- I put my worth in my ability to perform.

One day I asked the question out loud to Duke- I asked, "Babe what do you think I'm supposed to be learning through all of this?" And in that moment, I know the Lord spoke to me through Duke (although I did get offended :/)  -he said he thought the Lord was teaching me to be humble- and to put my pride to the side. WOW. That felt like a ton of bricks coming from two men that I love the most. But I'm thankful- not even sure if Duke knows that- but I am so thankful. 

The reality is that I kept waiting for bigger and better opportunities to come along, to just knock on my door. Well that was enough. I finally applied, and was accepted for a position, one that I wasn't sure I wanted (see the pride?) - but to tell you the truth- it was the best thing I have done. I haven't started, so this blog is still premature, but I am so thankful that God took time to reveal to me some of my ugly colors. 

I need to work hard-without shortcuts. I am not an exception.

I wanted to share this with you because I don't think I had ever been honest when I was asked what I was doing for work.. and if this is supposed to be a lesson- then I believe it's worth sharing. 

Plus it's not like I made a good housewife either- I mean I actually burned pasta today- WHO BURNS PASTA!?!?

Last side note: We are also so excited to have our friends Shannon + Craig Mossing come visit this weekend- they always make us laugh, and are a great example of genuine happiness.  They are our first (non-familyguests:)

Shan + Craig mimicking one of our pictures at the wedding! haha dorks:)


  1. You got a job?!!!! How exciting! Looking forward to hearing about it at GG.

  2. Your honesty is refreshing! Thanks for sharing your heart! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday and hearing about the new job!

  3. I'm not a cook either. I think my mom thinks that is a shame. But I don't need to know how to cook - that's what Greg's for. Heh.