Friday, September 10, 2010


Living this far East has been great for 2 reasons:

First Reason:  Change! It's not like me to explore different areas! This move has helped me see what I've been missing..

DISCLAIMER: Duke rarely gets a free weekend. He usually has tests on Mondays, which means the weekends are dedicated to studying (not like a normal job). There are a few times though when I luck out, and he either does not have a test, or its on Friday which leaves his whole weekend for me:)

With that said- a couple of weeks ago Duke and I got the chance to go to Niagara Falls! The drive was under 2 hours- which means it did not have to be a whole day thing- and it was great way for me to do some exploring in New York and Canada! There are two entrances to the falls- we chose to enter the Canadian side because the views are head-on and more visible rather than the NY side:
This one you can see BOTH falls! The famous one is on the right!
(OH and of course Duke had to have ice cream)
Here she blows! Can you believe people attempt to go down the falls in barrels?
Terrible picture-but thats okay! I love this one because of the permanent rainbow over the falls- so pretty
Second Reason: We are close to Duke's side of the family.. only three hours away from Toledo, which makes family trips available and easy!

Last week for Labor Day, we got to go home to Toledo! Duke has been wanting me to go an apple orchid there called Macqueens! Although we weren't allowed to pick apples from the trees this early in September, we got to have fresh apple donuts and sliced apples with caramel (we like to call ourselves healthy eaters). 
It was a cute, small-town store.. something you just don't see everyday:

We also got to go up to Duke's aunts lake house in Michigan:) Not sure why, but we both had really tough weeks beforehand, so the relaxing break was much needed.  We packed bathing suits and shorts in thought of a nice, sun kissed weekend- but of course Hurricane Earl hit somewhere in the Carolinas (not trying to be insensitive to them) but really? So we had 60 degree highs all weekend! You really just have to laugh:) 
The view from the deck
So that's it. Life until now- updated. 
Happy Reading.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are close to Duke's family. And that picture of the two of you at Niagara Falls is a great picture!