Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekends I live for-

So this weekend our friends, Shannon & Craig Mossing, came to visit us here in Erie. This was such a nice weekend for us because we were able to relax and enjoy honest friendship. We really did not have much planned- but decided to explore what Erie had to offer..

We did some sight seeing before we stopped at a random petting zoo/dog day at a local park! This was so fun because the weather was perfect and we got to see so many different kinds of dogs (which I love). It was so surprising how many pets resembled their owners..not in a mean way but in cute kinda way.. so we ended up spending the day meeting new dogs, learning about dog organizations (and trees thanks to Craig), and trying to find dog/owner twins:)

Off to Presque Isle..

  I really love Presque Isle because it's probably the best thing Erie has to offer. It reminds me so much of California- that one little piece of beach is so relaxing, and just feels familiar. We had fun here. The boys skipped rocks (Craig collected them)- and shan and i got tans over our sweatshirts- it was just a relaxing day.  

Its so hard to say bye to good friends- especially when it snaps you back to reality. Not that I don't love our reality- but I do love the feeling of community, a lot. It just made me miss Arizona so much and everyone there- I think thats why I love/live for weekends like these. 

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