Friday, October 1, 2010

This one's for you

Finally. just finally. I got a job. a REAL job. A job that makes my heart happy. A job that makes me feel that I have made some right choices so far.. and I haven't somehow missed the mark.

I remember the day clearly when I first heard of the nonprofit leadership and management major. At that time I was a Business ________ major..I really didn't know where I was going with it...maybe management, economics, blah blah. I didn't love it. But to be honest, I never understood what a nonprofit major completely encompassed either. But at that time I was driven by love.

The love came from the pain and struggle that had been known as cancer. A cancer that was very aggressive. My Dad was the strongest, most wonderful man I knew and could defeat the world, but just not cancer. I remember loosing him changed my was broken..and when it began wanted to help others; specifically others who were in need like my dad and family were. Till this day I have a heart for the hospice care system..and I know I will end up there one day, somehow, but I think I still need more time.

This job journey in Erie has been hard for so many reasons; the most difficult was the fact I thought my major was useless in this town, (I ended getting my BA in NP management and leadership after all), and that I would not be able to find the work that made me sincerely happy. Well its coming up to about three months, and every opportunity that I had seemed to slip through the cracks somehow.. every door was shut. 

By the love and grace of God.. my (and when I say my I also mean: my family, sincere friends, and my patient Duke) prayers were finally answered. I heard about the position through the job agency that I was going was originally supposed to be a three week position- but it was with a nonprofit. After some hesitancy and pride of course, I swallowed the idea of being a temp and showed up for my first day ready to work. The moment I got there, I knew something was different- it felt different. 

After talking with the manager about my background in NP- it became clear they did not know the major existed, and were very excited. What takes them days of training, is fundamental knowledge that was taught to us everyday in class..I wanted to do this- I wanted to be on this team.

I am so lucky, honored, humbled to say that after my first day- the foundation asked me to join their staff full time!!! Through this opportunity I am getting the chance to meet with local np's and learn about their mission- what makes them do what they do- and help create a more socially accelerated community. 

I spend my days hearing from Directors who have incredible stories that have driven them to create significant change- just like what the story of my dad has done for me. 

I finally feel like this is where I was meant to be. 
God had a plan. 

So here's to you Dad.. and to all the inspiration you've given me
An Easter photo shoot 07'


  1. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear more when I get back to Erie in 3 weeks. Hope you are doing well and I'm sad I'll be missing GG at your house next week.

  2. Yey! congrats! totally know how it feels when you're desperately trying to find your way in a new town. side of the US hemisphere! and love the feeling when you know, you're suppose to be there.

  3. Awesome how God works things out. Its been fun watching it all unfold. you are where you are supposed to be right now. I am so blessed to know you.

  4. This was really nicely written. I'm excited to find your blog. Your job sounds awesome.