Friday, October 15, 2010

parts of you are parts of me

Part 1. Work: 

The job has been great! So great. I finally feel settled in, and have a grasp of what I will be doing. This past week was so busy- first time in my life I've worked overtime- but I love it- and it really doesn't feel like work. A part of my job is traveling to meet with different organizations- so getting the opportunity to leave the office for a few hours a day really helps it feel NOT like a routine. 
 Something cool is that I got my first set of business cards last week- which I probably love because they have my new name on them- Rashin Keller- I still haven't gotten used to it. 

The low of work this week was probably having to submit a drug test..I hate the process, and it hates me just as much. I decided to go on Wednesday, and decided I was not allowed to use the restroom past noon. On way to the lab (4:30 pm) I realized I was in big trouble because I had to go right then- and of course when I got to the lab there was a family in front of me!! Needless to say, I waited 30 minutes for my turn and probably damaged my bladder for life- all because I am cursed by these tests! 

A taste of Erie weather:

These pictures are from my office window taken at the same time on Mon and Tues- The weather is so unpredictable- never know what your'e going to get :/ 

Part 2. Love:

Today was Duke and I's 2 year anniversary. I don't think were allowed to count it anymore- since were celebrating months of marriage now- and by that standing were at a whopping 3.5 months! yes! 
We did kind of celebrate the occasion by going to a great restaurant downtown- maybe a new favorite- but hoping to do more next weekend while were in Cleveland celebrating Duke's new grandpa age of 25!!

Part 3. Family:

Miss my family so much this week. It was Lucy's (our puppy-or third daughter if you asked my mom), birthday. My sister sent me a lot of videos and pictures-and it made me miss everyone SOO much- cannot wait for Thanksgiving!
This week my mom also sent me my second care package- It was filled with amazing WARM clothes that will help me get through the winter. She loves me so well:)

parts of you-are the best parts of me.
happy reading.

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  1. So glad you love your job! You are right where you are supposed to be. So awesome! Cute dog!
    Have a great weekend.