Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh Ohio!

there is a ton to say about the past couple of months- but I thought I would share the most recent updates before diving into Arizona memories.

Currently, I am sitting in my new, completely unpacked house in Mentor, Oh! So excited to be here but more excited for the years to come!

The journey to get here was not easy. As a matter of fact, the past year was not easy. So many new adjustments, and on top of it all- our first year of marriage. With Duke being in school, it was very difficult to feel normal. We didn't get endless hours together, or many fun weekends, instead they were dedicated to tests and studying- something I accepted and encouraged. I know it doesn't sound normal, but it was unlike anything else to see my husband work so hard for something he loved.
Erie had many blessings to offer- some I can recognize now and some that I may never know about. I do know that it has helped me grow in many ways: it took me away from my comfort zone, taught me to appreciate my family and friends, gave me my first grown up job, taught me independence inside a marriage, and so much more.  That's a lot for a girl who was raised in an Arizona bubble.  At times it is difficult for me to see the need for these changes/experiences, but I'm learning to trust this is an intentional plan for my life and not random circumstance.

It is so fitting that as Duke wrapped up second year -we wrapped up life in Erie and headed to Mentor. Excited for what this city has to bring and the memories we can make here!!

-I'll post pictures of the house soon!!

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