Monday, April 25, 2011


It seems appropriate that with the change of season- some things are coming to an end, while others are just beginning. 

 Erie chapters are starting to close, while Ohio doesn't seem so far away-and Arizona is even closer. 

Last Thursday was my last official day in the office- although I'm going to continue to work some from home-I'm going to miss the daily office buzz. I'm going to miss some great people and all of our funny memories. 

My friend Emily started at BFF one day after I did and we have barely spent one day apart- we got to travel to many beautiful (random) townships of PA and interview nonprofits for the Nonprofit Profile Project together. We were partners. I saw her substantially more than I did Duke- I will miss her so much!

Easter was an amazing day yesterday! Duke and I drove to Toledo late Saturday night to celebrate the engagement of Jon (Duke's brother) and Corrin!! They played such an important role in our engagement- there was no way we could not support them. Duke told Jon we couldn't make it because of a test- so to be able to surprise them and show them our love was so much fun!! She looked absolutely beautiful- glowing from head to toe- and I cannot wait to have her as a future sister. P.S. her ring is breathtaking!!

I can't believe I'm packing my bags for Arizona tonight. I'm so so happy to see my family and friends- but I'm going to miss Duke so much-obviously. Although our schedule isn't perfect, I love it more days than I hate it, and anytime is better than no time in my book. 
However there is an end in sight- May 27th. That day is going to scream freedom- the day Duke conquers the boards. Only a month and 2 days away!! 

Prayers would be so appreciated. 
Happy Reading:) 

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  1. Hope Jonah and I get to visit you while we're in living in Ohio. Even though our time has been short, it sure has been great getting to know you. Have a great time in AZ!